To 7B or Not to 7B

ImageHello everybody! Welcome to Telos AM’s 7B round-up episode. We thought the title was brilliantly clever – & it IS brilliantly clever – but Kat from Verity used it before us, so it is sadly not a cleverness to which we can lay claim.

Nevertheless! Listen to Nick, Julian, & Alex discussing stuff! & more stuff! We may also talk some stuff. & Feels. Many Feels. Because 7B is the half-series that gave us The Name of the Doctor & Clara. So there are many Feels.

As usual, you can download the episode at the link below or follow us on iTunes.
To 7B or Not to 7B


Next episode – Medievalism!

Alex – @enola41
Julian – @radiantfracture
Nick – @the_penmin
Lindsey – @LTron

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