Happy Deathday, TelosAMbot!

ImageOne whole year! That’s how long this podcast has been intermittantly on the air. Amazing. We weren’t sure we’d manage it, but we have. Thanks to all who kept following on the way. We’ll be back soon with more of that good stuff!

In the meantime, please enjoy this intimate look at what happened at TelosAMbot’s first birthday party…

(Written by Nick)

As usual, you can download the episode at the link below or subscribe to us on iTunes!

Happy Deathday, TelosAMbot!

Email: telos.am@gmail.com

Podcast – @TelosAM
Nick – @the_penmin
Julian – @radiantfracture
Lindsey – @Lazarus_LM
Alex – @enola41

Website: https://telosam.wordpress.com

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