Ep. 20: Love saves, little ones, and other stories

Hello again audience!

Things have been hectic here at Telos AM for the last few months, as we’re sure you can tell. Due to time constraints for various people involved with the podcast we are now officially moving into a semi-regular schedule. Episodes will happen when they happen, a schedule that will hopefully approximately follow an every two weeks basis.

So here is your next episode! In this episode Lindsey and Nick discuss the ins and outs of the second Gary Roberts-penned Eleventh Doctor story, Closing Time.

Sit down with your tea and your crisps and enjoy a few diverting minutes of digressions regarding Captain Jack, children in Doctor Who, or anything else that drops uninvited into the minds of our hosts.

As normal, you can download the episode below or subscribe to us on iTunes!

Ep. 20: Love saves, little ones, and other stories

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Email: telos.am@gmail.com

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