Ep. 18: Bad girls, bogeymen, and other stories

They’re back! After what will hopefully prove to be the last of the extreme technical woes, Alex, Nick, and Lindsey find themselves back in the chatseat chatting about the best show on telly. But don’t worry, they don’t talk about Corrie THAT much. No! Instead, you get a bumber episode that includes TWO entire episodes that the gang recorded. In the first, Lindsey and Alex cast their critical gaze on Let’s Kill Hitler and Night Terrors. Nick then joins Alex to discuss the unexpectedly heart-rending The Girl Who Waited.

Hopefully, there will be a deluge of episodes coming at you from the Telos AM office in the next few weeks as we endeavour to catch up to the show.

As usual, you can find the episode at the link below or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Ep. 18: Bad girls, Bogeymen, and other stories

Thanks for waiting, podsphere!

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